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Automated control systems

Part 1. Flight economy.

Flight economy is intended for planning and evaluation of airline's activities. The program allows one to select the optimal variant of the time-table and the most acceptable variant of its realization. Besides, the program allows one to make an operative evaluation (the next day with 95 % accuracy) of actual activity of the airline: an amount of the transported passengers, consignment, mail, spent petroleum products, costs (direct operating costs), income (gross income from air conveyances).

Part 2. Fin-3.

Fin-3 is the basis for the budgeting system of the company. It consists of two blocks: operating accounts and the budget block.

The main functions of the operating accounts block are:
    automation of the economist's operations on accounts with the contractors;
    drawing up verification acts, turnover sheets, sheets of realization of services by the agents, mutual settlements etc.;
    creation of basic rated - financial documents: payment orders, calculation letters, TCH documents, invoices etc.
The main functions of the budget block:
    planning of the budget of the income and costs;
      planning of the company income and costs for the period under the items;
      accounting of the company margin as a whole;
      planning of overhead and investment expenses;
      planning of expenses on wages of division workers.
    Planning of the money flows budget;
      reflection of receipts and payments;
      reflection of changes of the assets and liabilities, connected with receipts and payments;
      reflection of the indeptedness of the buyers and suppliers of services.

The system can be adjusted under specific requests of any airline, with any time-table and fleet of aircraft.
The flexibility of a program complex is provided with the system of the customized reference services:

      the structure of the company,
      flight segments,
      budget items etc.

The complex was successfully introduced in Siberia Airlines and has already shown efficiency: the administrative activity maintenance system was cardinally improved, this, in turn, has not slowed to have an effect resulting in the growth of the main economic and financial indexations of the airline's activity.

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