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Agency network of Siberia Airlines

For today the agency network consists of more than 2000 reservation terminals of various booking systems in more than 120 cities of Russia, states of CIS and abroad. The network includes 25 representatives of Siberia airlines and 300 independent agencies.
Connection to the system Sirena implements by BC NVS, working on technology Siren 2.3, BC RSB - Sirena 2000, which are connected by trunk channels with the centres in Russia, with GDS Sirena-Travel, the system of cross-center booking Sirin and by additional direct channels with many trunk BC.
For organization of access to ABS Gabriel, the dedicated connection under the protocol X.25 in Novosibirsk and TCP/IP connection IS-net In Frankfurt are applied. By summer of the year 2002, a few additional connections IS-net are planned to be installed in the key regional network nodes: Novosibirsk, Moscow, Vladivostok, Samara and other.
In Germany connection to booking systems implements on two variants: by Internet and/or on ISDN using service SITA PPP-dial. The last variant provides using of routers CISCO-801, connected to central router of Siberia Airlines by phone lines ISDN Deutche Telecom at offices of agency. According to the agreement with Siberia Airlines, the company ACTS has the rights:

    to develop software for agents of airline to access to the automated booking systems (ABS) Gabriel and Sirena;
    connection and technical support of reservation terminals of automated booking systems Gabriel, and ticketing printers;
    using the connection channels and equipment of Siberia Airlines for connection to ABS as by representations and branches of the airline, also by indirect organizations, including airlines (THE SPECIAL OFFER FOR AIRLINES) and agencies occupied with air conveyance sales;
    realization of mutual settlements with the agents and contractors of Siberia Airlines on problems, connected with technical support of air conveyances sales.