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The projects of ACTS

Connection to the Global distribution system

The company Academic City Technology Service (ACTS) was created in the year 2000. At that time the company faced a list of basic problems:

    software development for the automation of the main activities of air carrying companies;
    development of specialized software for companies occupied with sales of air conveyances (Agencies);
    creation, development and technical maintenance of a single agent network within Russia, the CIS, and Europe for sales of air conveyances;
    development and realization of an air conveyances sales technology through the internet with the opportunity of «over the internet» payment and delivery within Russia and the CIS;
    development and technical maintenance of various internet projects.

Today the main directions of ACTS's activities are:

    support and completion of existing software for Siberia Airlines including programs of production record, accounting, intra-office and special systems, for example, the booking systems of air conveyances Sirena (BC «NVS») and Gabriel;
    development, installation and technical maintenance of UniTerm the reservation terminal of booking systems Sirena and Gabriel, that ensures qualitative and reliable booking in various booking systems (Sirena, Gabriel,..) and allows one to organize reliable automatic reporting of air conveyances sales on-line (the Agent system);
    servicing and modernizing computer technologies and communication facilities for Siberia Airlines and for companies occupied with sales of air conveyances;
    working through various communication resolutions, ensuring connection to the agency network of Siberia Airlines for companies, occupied with sales of air conveyances.

Technical maintenance and development of the following internet-projects:

The company staff consists of high-class specialists in the field of information technologies. On ACTS's account is the successful realization of a project focused on the development of the Siberia airlines air conveyances sales network.