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UniTerm - reservation terminal for operation with automated booking systems

The terminal Uniterm 1.2 is the last development of the experts of the ACTS company, enabling the cashier to work simultaneously with any number of Gabriel system screens of various airlines (the used PID's work on protocols IP and Х.25), and also with the system Sirena. Furthermore, it allows to see help information, to make the request and to make a reservation simultaneously.

The basis of this technology is the original development of the company's experts - UNIGATE, the universal gateway server of booking systems and server UNIGATE, which provide connection to hosts of Gabriel under protocols TCP/IP (by the Rendezvois-server) and Х.25 (backup channel), and to the network Sirena under the protocol TCP/IP by the network processor of centre NVS. Connection of terminals is carried out under protocol TCP/IP. The necessary level of safety is provided by the centralized storage of the identification information and usage of unique terminal key.

For today the common terminal network integrates offices of several airlines and independent agencies in 50 cities of Russia, 60 cities of Germany, of England, China, South Korea, Israel. In total about 300 independent agencies and more than 1000 reservation terminals of various booking systems are exist.

Advantages provided by the reservation terminal UniTerm:

    The agency cashiers will have simultaneous access to two centres of Sirena working on different technologies BC NVS (Sirena-2.3.) and BC RSB(Sirena-2000), which are connected between themselves by a local area network and are working by special a inventory interface.Seats resources accomodated in BC NVS, will be «transparently» accessible from any terminal GDS;
    The centres have an entire network of direct channels up to many centres within Russia, CIS and also GDS;
    BC NVS (Sirena-2.3.) and BC RSB (Sirena-2000) use contemporary server equipment of world renowned producers on the base of processors Intel Pentium III and fault-tolerant disk systems SCSI RAID and communication equipment CISCO Systems, Nortel Networks etc.;
    In order to operate in ABS Gabriel the own connection to SITA, which has dedicated connection under the protocol X.25 in Novosibirsk and connection IS-net under the protocol TCP/IP in Frankfurt (Germany) is used. In the nearest future IS-net connections will be established in regional nodes of the airline common communication network: in Novosibirsk, Moscow, Frankfurt, Hanover, Pekin.

Technological advantages of UniTerm:

    simultaneous operation in ABS Gabriel and Sirena;
    possibility of using several PID's of different airlines;
    substantial multitasking;
    automatic switching on a backup information bearer channel in case of problems with the primary channel;
    static IP-address is not necessary;
    simplicity of installation;
    automatic updating of the program versions by Internet.
During the year 2002 the new system will be prepared. It will essentially expand the functionalities of a operator - cashier workplace:

    simultaneous operation in BC Gabriel, Sirena, Sirena-3, Amadeus;
    disperse gateway servers network;
    automatic system of the optimal connection choice with the gateway server for each terminal;
    universal interface for operation with systems of production records in the agency;
    built-in program complex Agent;
    built-in protective system of the data channel, based on the SSL technology.

Financial advantages:

    The user's payment is fixed and minimal.
    Absence of payment for reservation of seats resources accomodated in centres NVS and ABC (above all, these are resources of Siberia Airlines and Vnukovo Airlines).

More in-depth information can be received, by addressing the development department or by taking advantage of a BRIEF MANUAL on using the terminal.