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Agent - the system of agency production records

The system Agent is created for agencies occupied with sales of air conveyences and also is intended for automation of the following processes:

    reporting to the holders of the transportation documents forms, including TCH;
    accounting of transportation documents forms flows inside the agency;
    printing the reports in formats of the main carriers;
    keeping the ticket history, sold by agency, and it's archiving.

Basing upon the problem, which the given software is designed to resolve, it has following basic functionalities:

    accounting of forms flows within the agency;
    creation of the reports in formats of the forms holders, including all main Russian airlines and TCH;
    keeping the archive of the information about air conveyances carried out by the agency;
    data supplication for accounting in the agency;
    manual and automatic registration of the transportation documents;
    support of the complex structure of the agency (warehouses of transportation documents forms, offices, cashiers);
    minimal requests to the equipment of an operator - cashier workplace.

The introduction of the project of the Agent system was conducted in 2 stages.
The first version of the system provided the simple accounting and manual input of the information about the transportation documents, its introduction was carried out in АВС and the tourist agency of Siberia Airlines.
At the second stage the full-function version was put in industrial operation in representations of Siberia Airlines.
In future the introduction of the system is planned at all agents of Siberia Airlines and in independent agencies occupied with sales of air conveyances.