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Special offer

Due to large technical potential, well prepared staff and serious operational experience, the ACTS company is ready to execute a series of operations on connection and further support of the reservation terminal of booking systems Gabriel and Sirena (BC «NVS») for any Russian airline and its agents. The company is ready to execute appropriate connections within Russia, CIS, Germany and Peoples Republic of China by regional communication nodes of Siberia Airlines located in these countries. Network and servers work capacity and the quality of granted services are provided with day-night duty shift in Novosibirsk and Moscow. At that, the payment for traffic will not be levied, and the payment for these services will be fixed and will only depend only on the number of reservation terminals.
In addition there is an opportunity for the distribition of airline! seats resources in BC «NVS» free of charge and their servicing for the lowest price. At that, financial terms of connection of the agents to BC «NVS» are rather attractive:

    lump sum for connection - $0;
    monthly payment for support of one reservation terminal - not more than $10;
    payment for booking is not levied.

The service terminals for administration of seats resources will be granted to the airline at the same terms, virtually free of charge.

It will allow any airline:
    to reduce essentially operating expences on connection and telecommunications;
    to increase seriously a general level of the technical base of the used communication network, quality and customer service speed.